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Octava Best Practices

To get the most of your Octava experience, please take following suggestions into consideration when attending Octava enabled events.


1) Device settings - Before attending a concert users should:

  • Fully charge your device
  • Mute all sounds
  • Disable App & System notifications
  • Disable device Power Save settings
  • Reduce screen brightness to extend battery life

2) Troubleshooting - If Octava should freeze or crash during a performance, please:

  • Check Wi-Fi or mobile connections to ensure web access. Once reconnected, Octava will update to the current moment of the performance automatically. If not, simply hit the ReSync button in the lower left corner of the app.
  • If the app is completly frozen, force quit the app as per your mobile/tablet platform method, and restart Octava. Once restarted, Octava will update to the current moment of the performance automatically.

Octava Live Support Team - If at a live Octava event for NOI 2015, please visit the Octava support table and request assistance from any team member wearing an Octava t-shirt.

Octava Email Support - If in need of assistance before or after a performance, please contact support@octavaonline.com